Cream-colored will be current fashion girls possess the color of the commonly used in Fashion Clothes.

If you want to, can wear across 100 colors, as long as you are good at these the color is harmonious mutually. It can not comprehend only use one shade for, a kind of fabric or a kind of style, but the body on the color of the big difference of Fashion Clothes, leather, arrogance, design is smartly combining manner in along, let them have apparent correlation between, to produces a concentration of feeling. This requires the Vogue Clothes can’t ignore the option of details, including accents, shoes, hats, bags, stand, coats, socks and color and fluctuation outfit include caused the scattering associated with coordination. And only clear, focused picture theme, can be quiet, harmonious, multicolored. Put our bodies of black take available, because they are not necessarily color, see the remaining portion of the color how many, to see these a surplus of whether you will find there’s correlation between color (special attention to feature bag, shoes, jewelry, scarf, ornaments, head wear, etc), or they are suitable for between each other, in case feel not harmonious, that your dress collocation is not a subject. The essence (black, whitened, ash, the color connected with camel’s hair) mutual collocation, always not a problem.. If you feel longer too short, completely lost the confidence of thoughts, first do not give up, see what others don, expert how to point out.. 1, short coat plus knee skirt or shorts dress more long more can be short, the best length is and the knee or knee length shall prevail. Shorts, healthy 7 minutes of jeans, eight pants, flared trousers tend to make short leg becomes skimpy. Mini directory: A, green and green sweater can be pure and fresh stylish, B, chest flowers pattern will probably attract people put attention torso, and oversight is originally not high you. D, the bat of rebuilding ancient ways and resurgence sleeve!!!! A sweater, and vertical stripes, is genuinely short girl’s Gospel. N, orange sweater bright grab a close look, will see things this imaginary line drawn into the upper body. 2, the most crucial is skirt or pants and shoe money is actually harmonious collocation pointed high-heeled sneakers, the trend is very first, and can make upwards for body model flaws, fit pants leg tie-in high-heeled shoes make more slender. Tremendous long skirt collocation is actually unfavorable too very great shoes, super long skirt using a little FenLiangGan shoes most sense of balance. Four, with accessories will see things imaginary make core neck or brain scarf, jewelry, others will dsicover things imaginary line way up, the chest with written pattern of the dress same have this particular effect. 5, sleeveless top most fitting provided your arm is not probably the most fat, sleeveless top to the skin will narrow, especially this cover the shoulder sleeveless prime, close to the human body model pants also helps make perfect slender legs glance. 6, appropriate choose clear shiny color is dark clothing though it can be appear thin, but can easily make the person will become more is short and also small, Fashion Clothes, simple dress essentially the most fitting for short woman. Like dark heavy, plain and neat little girl on the color, can choose sedate you don’t have lack of again upset green clothes. 7, vertical stripes clothing is also short dress not 3 law whether wide since usual narrow shaft stripe all help elongated body model, short should as far that they can to stop horizontal lashes. The figure full inappropriate for a material heavy Fashion Apparel, such as thick wool will make the person appear overstaffed. Nor option is too shed style, with thin fit clothing is advisable.

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