Is The Cushion Cut The Best Cut For Engagement Rings?

An engagement cushion cut is one of the best and one of the most appreciated engagement cuts around today. This kind of engagement ring design is ideal for couples who are looking for the antique style of ring. The engagement cushion cut looks like a square cut design, but looks like a rounded cut piece of material. The cut edges are softer in nature, and comes with a prong setting which can be surrounded with diamond accents or smaller diamond units. The engagement cushion cut comes with 60 facets and it sparkles well especially in the daylight time.
Most people consider the engagement cushion cut as the best engagement ring cut because it offers a stunning solitaire piece of engagement materials and its unique traditional design makes it much more preferable than the rest. The engagement ring cut looks more precious in the eye and at the same time looks more romantic than the rest. Engagement cushion cut come with varying design components and that ranges from the oval cut diamond and the old miner cuts which has open facet. The engagement cushion cut is also known as the old European engagement cut because of its ancient antecedent. This engagement ring cut is regarded as the oldest and the most respected engagement cut around.
The modern version of the engagement cushion cut has 64 large facets which allows them to have a large surface reflection, this kind of cut is therefore most suitable for high coloured and clarity gemstones. This is one of the reasons why the engagement cushion cut is used mostly for engagement cuts. Engagement cushion cut is broadly square in nature or rectangular cuts with softer rounded edges, the softness and plumpness of the design gave birth to its name as an engagement cushion cut. The ring setting is often kept soft at all times.
One of the arguments that has been made against the engagement cushion cut is the fact that it often becomes too flashy and as a result of that it may not be ideal for reserved people who prefer something simple yet classy in nature. This argument should not be regarded as a minus for the engagement cushion cut, perhaps the individual preference for different diamond cut varies, hence reserved people who do not like this kind of ring can go for less flamboyant and less flashy engagement ring cuts.
Aside its lustrous and flamboyant design, the engagement cushion cut is regarded by many as old fashion and it should belong to the by-gone era. This is also not acceptable and as a matter of fact, engagement cushion cut still retains its contemporary look and that makes it the best choice for romantic engagement rings and wedding ring sets. There seem to be no amount of negative sides that can weight down the fact that engagement cushion cuts remain the best materials that can be used in creating a lasting impression in the mind of a lady who is set for the altar with her man.

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