Engage Your Audience in 90 Seconds

Always bear in mind that to engage your audience,you would need to provide massive value to them and it is the most important factor when it comes to blogging.In this online world, there are just way too many information products that can being sold to the consumers and what differentiates between you and the hard selling internet marketers is how much interaction can you engage with the audience.

The more you engage with your audience, the more credibility and rapport will be built between you and your audience. Yes, many people are aware of that they need to engage with the audience in order to build the credibility but how many people are truly providing massive value to them? To really engage with your audience, the content that you posted must really be beneficial and constructive to them. No one wants to read content that are not able to solve their problems or is not constructive enough to help them. You must write what they want and not what you want.

Identify what your blog is about

When starting a blog, it is very common to write on many other topics that you like but by doing so ,you will soon lose the objectives of your blog. Identifying what the readers will gain upon reading your blog is very critical. You would have to identify the purpose of your blog and refrain from blogging on different type of topics that are not related to one another. By doing so, not only will your readers get confused, they will find you as someone who do not know how to organize your content well and since they will establish the mindset that the content you produce won’t be able to benefit them. Would you ever want to read a blog that posted content on many different things? Definitely no right! Therefore, it would be good if you can narrow your blog to be as specific as possible. There is no point for you to target a lot of audience when they are not really interested in the topic that you wrote. Engage your audience and provide the best for them.

If you are not sure on what niche should you go into, write down the list of things that you are currently doing and once you have written everything down, look at each thing you have written down. Ask yourself, if you have one million dollars, would you still want to do it? If the answer is yes, you are ready to blog on that.

Build Your Own Community

In order to build your own community and <em>engage your audience</em>, the first thing you would need to do is to create valuable content; it should not be found anywhere easily. By providing unique content, not only there is a distinction between you and other people in your relevant filed, you will also give an impression to your audience that you are unique. Hence, they will find you a better person to turn to since you are not providing the same exact things as the others.

Always connect with other people that can help you along your way, not just those experienced people but also people that are trying to do the same thing that you are. Make yourself everywhere so that people will get to know your existence and look up to you if they have any problems. As your name starts to appear on more and more places, people will start to take notice of you and will start to feel curious on whom the person is and might decide to research more about you. That is when your blog started to have an increase in audience but if you are not providing the things that they wanted, they will just close the window and forget about you totally.

To prevent this from happening, make sure you are not hiding anything from them and give the best content you can. To create valuable content, you do not have to do it alone, you can always head down to the forums to seek for help and I am sure they will be glad to help you. You can also seek advice from people you always look up to. Send them an email in a very polite manner and the tone you are using should not give the other party that they owe you a reply or feedback. Always bear in mind that first impression counts! By using the wrong way of seeking help, you are bound to offend many big players and no one would be interested to work with you. Always treat your audience as real people and not “computer bots”. Provide them with your best solutions and always try to reply to all of the comments.

To really engage your audience, Sending updates should not be the only thing to do for engaging, that is called a newsletter and not community. You can always talk to them via email and ask them more for any further improvements. By doing so, they would think that you are a good blogger who always place the readers’ interest on the first priority and will spread the word to their friends and family. Remember that the community is not always about you! It is about people. People love to talk about themselves and love to talk about what interests them.

Why engagement is not enough

Engaging your audience is definitely a must to create a successful blog. However, this is not enough. There must be a conversion from audience to buyers in the long run. Think about it, how many exactly of your engaged audience will buy from you if you are only engaging with them and not marketing products. Great content and engagement should go hand in hand but we all know someone who has an engagement and no money. There must be a tie-in between what you share freely and what you charge money for. Providing free content is what you reach people for and building up trust and relationship from them but you can’t shy away when it is time to charge money. It is not true that people will not pay money if they are used to getting free information from you, as long as it is of high value and closely related to the product.  You are providing free value by sharing a story that comes with a solution that happens to cost money.

I am not saying you should save your best knowledge and content for creating your products. Rather, what I meant was, you definitely have to put in more hard work and better organization of your content. Also, there are many other forms of conveying your information such as videos, webinars, eBooks etc. Let me give a simple example, there are several processes to create an eBook. You would need to outsource the job of designing the book cover to graphics designer if you do not have the knowledge, hiring someone to proof read for you to make it better and also, you might also need to pay some fees to create the copyrights of your product to avoid plagiarism. All of the procedures require a certain amount of capital and if your products are really worth the price, the consumers will definitely be glad to take out their card to make payment.

Target the right audience

Growing your audience is easy but growing the right audience was one of the difficult things of blogging. If you are constantly posting, there are times that I posted something that side tracked on my particular niche. In order to engage your audience, you have to make sure that you are writing to the right people. You must first identify on your niche and then zoom into your specific audience, only that you will engage your audience. The narrower your niche is and the less people writing about it, the more you will stand out.

Have an Agenda

You have to plan out what you ultimately want to achieve, and then create a constant strategy to get you there. Not every post has an agenda but every posts fits into the overall requirements of creating value and building engagement with your audience. Stop and think about how amazing it is. Focus on creating content first and people will spread the word for you. They might also be your customers, clients or even friends in the future. The issue isn’t whether or not free content works, it works. The issue is whether you are measuring conversion rather than some other forms of engagement such as facebook likes and commenting.

Engagement without conversion is useless. You need to be grabbing people’s attention, making them to be closer to you by leaving their email address. Email remains the top online conversion since you have gotten their attention.  So you would continue to provide free value and once people have given you their trust and receive enough value from you, they will do business with you. You don’t need to have a huge audience to be successful on content marketing and you can start from nothing to build your engaged audience. If you want to succeed at engaging with your audience, start today.

Build a mailing list

After providing the valuable content, it is time for you to build a mailing list. The importance of a list should never be underestimated because your email list is number 1 as a blogger. You should know that those people who subscribe to your list are someone who really trusts you after reading your blog, which is why the list is so valuable. The list gives you easy access for you to follow up on them since they will be receiving updates from you through the email. This would make a better engagement among you and your readers. I hope this post would allow you to engage your audience. 

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