To Love Love

It seems that more than anything, I’m in love with the idea of being in love. People often see something like that as an immature high-school fantasy. They tell me I’m setting myself up for a fall, putting far too much stock in such a lofty concept. I, however, am compelled to disagree. I have thought about it long and have come up with many proofs that being in love with love is more than a high-school fantasy.

It seems that many people are lacking this healthy yearning for what I would call the finer things in life. How many men are ultimately resigned to their lots in life, willing to settle for all the simple pleasures that come their way, having been convinced long ago that great and wonderful things don’t really happen and aren’t worth hoping in? So why do we live as we do, knowing that out time is short? It makes me remember a familiar passage from the Bible:

“Each man’s life is but a breath;

Man is a mere phantom that goes to and fro

he bustles about, but only in vain

he heaps up wealth not knowing who will get it.”

In this world, our time is short. The meaning and passion we find in life truly are momentous and worthy things, and we should take delight in the fact that we are allowed to be a part of them.

There is a simple vision that I often see in my mind’s eye. Someday, perhaps soon or far from now, I will be in love with a girl, and she will rest her head contentedly on my shoulder. I’ll look over at her and smile and she’ll smile in return and she’ll squeeze my hand tightly, and we’ll know that what we have is something rare. Half the wonder of falling in love is the realization that I’ve been shown something truly rare and amazing – that life is short, and though I am just a breath, I can be a breath breathed deeply.

When I say that I am in love with the idea of being in love, I do not in any way mean to say that I’m placing all my hope in someone else to fill up what’s lacking in my life. Rather, I am in love with the idea of what love is, that I will one day get to share in it, and though the time is short, we will make our time worthy of remembrance.

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