The Greatest Love – Loving Yourself

Do you love other people? What about yourself?

Have you ever looked in the mirror straight into your own eyes and said, “I love you?”

If you want to be a great leader, if you want to be a great businessperson, if you want to move people in their lives, then you need to build this spiritual dimension in your own life and learn to love yourself–weaknesses and all.

It is through this total forgiveness, this letting go, that you can truly come to love yourself and find that oneness in the world.

Accept who you are in your heart. Can you feel it? Look forward to your future instead of looking over your shoulder at your past. Leave it behind you by letting go now.

I have watched in Singapore, as well as in other countries, people actually attempting to walk backwards. It is a very interesting exercise.

While walking backwards has certain physical benefits, I want to discourage you from walking backwards psychologically.

Keep your eyes on where you are headed. If you can focus on turning your weakness into your strengths then you will have the power to enjoy living with a clear conscience.

In life we all get a second chance; sometimes a third chance, a fourth chance, and more.

Love only has two aspects: giving and forgiving.

The hardest part of forgiving is forgiving yourself. The next-hardest person to forgive is someone who has offended you.

If you really want to do forgive, write 490 times “I forgive myself” “I forgive so-and-so,” and go to the third person and so on and so forth.

All self-defeating behavior or dysfunctional behavior comes from a lack of forgiveness.

All rotten behavior in business and all wars come out of lack of forgiveness–either of yourself or of others.

As long as you carry the burden sack of guilt, you are going to be in self-persecution.

Guilt is the greatest waste of time that you will ever have in your life.

There are people who spend years wasting their emotional lives in a state of guilt.

If anyone reading this has been weighed down by guilt, I want to give you permission right now to let it go and start over.

Do you feel it? Start over.

Practice the principle of forgiveness. Practice it in your life.

Quickly forgive others, and quickly forgive yourself.

It is liberating. It will set you free.

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