How to make guy fall in your love and enjoy him

Lover is the focus of life and the basis
Beating in the chest
Lover is the secret of happiness and enjoyment
And everything to lover

So this being a candle lover and burn yourself in order to make him happy

Here are a series of romances, which help to increase the love
And break the boredom between lovers

You’re always close to the lover

be and the
Sincere in your love so true gain his heart wall
Keep it pulse of the heart and soul
Loves you more and more

ღ ღ

Lover always likes to be spoiled child when beloved

Fondle him and be adorer heart wandering mother affectionate afraid it
Be near him always from his heart and soul of your soul and make me a piece of sugar
For his soul

ღ ღ

Always remember important dates in his life

As your birth in his heart and gala birthday or upgrade
Or congratulate him on his anniversary or any joy as possible to enter the heart
Love the hot and loves him more and more
And send through the expressive card is up to him
Draw love his smile

ღ ღ

Romances of the beautiful will bring you closer to your lover more
enough and for the love of you and your happiness by the large

To go to the calligrapher and write you a line Keep it nice
Certificate of love and expectation Below him “sweetheart crazy by your love”
And put them in the framework of a beautiful and gift it
Will love you more more…..

ღ ღ

Do not forget if you can call him for a minute and a say
“i missed you.”
so he will love you and miss you too and more

ღ ღ

Possible that you’re female attraction something unbelievable
For example

Should wipe your name from mobile phone and Return the write back
“You die” or “behind you and behind you” or “to Maine to play.”
Will be surprised and laugh you shall reply quickly
ღ ღ

suprprise him always achieve greater security has

Always feels your interest
The spirit always settles you girlfriend only
That can not do without them ever
ღ ღ

send him by e-mail.

Greeting Cards
The cards contain poems and cards containing romances tackles the feelings
love you more and more

ღ ღ

ღ ღ

Be always female courteous quiet

And the braking down of jealousy
As much as possible
I know jealousy volcano restless
He love you more and more

ღ ღ

Feel the lover you always need it

And you can not dispense with him for one moment
you learn from it and say what you practice
Guidance, because that is happy and loves you more more

ღ ღ

Don’t neglect love letters and love between you and him

Love is a sensitive and subject to rupture why not
That writes all of the other message of love and love to the other party
Including more than love, longing and passion
Is a beautiful love letters

ღ ღ

Always has a smile

Being female velvet spirit
Beautiful heart all kinds of love
Keep it and did not see others who are women
Be beautiful beautiful in his heart
The eye and the spirit of
Gain love more and more

ღ ღ

Recursion every night together before he must say to him “I love you”
And that the message sent by a mobile to become the best my darling
Or raise a mad love
In the morning Make your phone ringing of a bell of love
Really waking him up to kiss tender and good morning love say most beautiful lover
Begins his day love
And adore you more

ღ ღ

possible that you bring scraps of paper

And write on each sheet romantic words
For example
“I love you from the bottom of my heart how much I need you”
“You’re the most beautiful of the income of my heart”
Lover whisper it in your ear I love you and wisdom
roll iti and put them in a basket of roses and a gift it
And tell him it is an antibiotic of the more lukewarm
I miss you to read the words of love

ღ ღ

If you anger beloved

Whispering a kiss they kiss love and a kiss is not satisfied
And tell him that he is mad at you, but do not hate you never
You will be satisfied and calm
Heart of the beloved always compassionate

ღ ღ

When the celebration on the occasion of what

Cake dedicate a written
Characters by name and his name with a bouquet of love
And see his love in your eyes and your heart and soul
Believe me, your love will make him crazy and he wihsper
I love you

ღ ღ

Romances, which makes it the most beloved adore and more

It may take some difficult circumstances of life’s problems
Being this moment a female nice and friendly and Make of your chest
Warm bosom of his head, puts it for his hard work and pain
And smile and whisper him and that every problem has a solution and give him confidence
Himself that he was able to solve problems and remind him you love him
And a strong man you love him
make of his soul rest tired , whispering I love you
my lover pleasure of love overwhelms the salt of life
Must be some small problems between lovers
In the world of love that there is no difference between the lovers angry if you do not mind
Can call upon him whisper”i miss you and” do not put your thinking controls your mind as an insult to you
Being always close to him not forsake
If the problem is not always forget the importance of her heart forgive Attachment
Whatever the problems, believe me will know tour value and your value within the heart
Will loves you more and you’re given a high and expensive heart

ღ ღ

My lover of the things that make you very close to your lover

Make the bed
Touches you

For example
Dedicate a pillow painted with his name and character name
Or a love
Possible and that you have a hobby in the manufacture of embroidery handwork he will know tired from him
Believe me, he know you tired to make this art for and appreciate your trouble
The word will thank you not robbed me lover
ღ ღ

Of the things that make you live a peaceful life with your lover

Beware of jealousy and excitement and avoid everything possible to create a problem
And up to doubt and distrust be a great disaster, a separation
my lover know that your lover satisfaction above all else
whispering has always “get angry the whole world but you”
Earn the trust and tell him that it is all men and that the only in your heart
And to unite in love is a pleasure to
Will trust more then that purest lover of females and more

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