Problems With Marriage-Solve With True Love

Love is defined in many different ways. Some say that true love is blind; others say love has eyes to see, still others define it in songs and poems as love is a many splendored thing. Whatever the definition is, true love can solve our problems within our marriage.

What kind of love solves problems with marriage?

Actually there are four kinds of love, the Storge, Philia, Erros and Agape. There is another of love that is called platonic which really means close friendship between man and a woman but really this is the start of Erros love.

* Storge is the natural love you feel for your fleshly brothers and sisters inside your family and so we will skip this type of love since it is not applied to you and your spouse. We are going to talk about the remaining three types which are the Erros, Philia and the Agape. These are the types of love that can sum up what real love is.
* Erros Love; of course is known and mostly felt by all towards their opposite sex. It is a chemistry of emotion that excites you and your spouse. It is a God-given gift to be enjoyed by married couple. It is not an option to render to your mate but it is an obligation. It is an act of intimacy which is to be express only to your spouse. Going beyond the limitation which is outside the marriage bond is called infidelity and adultery. If this kind of love will be use in the proper way that is express only to your spouse, real love is in a half way. Sadly this kind of love had been misused for the many.
* Philia is a type of love that involves deep affection. This type of love exists between friends. It’s a tender feeling than can be sweeter than your love for your fleshly brother. It is a feeling of fondness to our best friends. Our spouse is supposed to be our best friend who knows better than anyone else and will understand us. If you feel the same fondness and tender affection to your spouse, therefore you are filling up your bucket of real love to your spouse.
* Agape is the highest form of love. It is guided by godly principles which we know was exemplified by the creator and for us imitate. We are created in God’s image and so we therefore have the capability to manifest this kind of love. Though our manifestation for this kind of love will not be perfect learning about it can help our marriage in many ways. How will you know if you possess this type of love towards our marriage mate?

Check the list below to know if how this kind of love will solve your problems in marriage and if you feel this love to your spouse;

1. You can bear the unbearable,
2. You can forgive the unforgivable. Your love for your mate can covers masses of mistakes your spouse had one and yet will do
3. Your love for your spouse will never fail despite of the changes the time will bring.
4. This love is stronger than pride.
5. It is a self-sacrificing love. You take pleasure in sacrifices and not to feel loaded and burdened.
6. You are loyal to your marriage vows. You are sticking to your spouse through thick and thin.
7. This Love is not blind, it sees the weakness of your spouse but still accept him or her
8. This love is not just a many splendored thing; it’s not just a decoration. It is not be filled with sentimentality but in is an unhypocritical kind of love
9. It is an A-Z kind of love. Other tentacles of this love are; kindness, understanding, consideration, mercy, generosity, complete unselfishness etc.
10. Your love is unconditional

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