Time and love

Have Loved, love you, no discussion. Feeling tired of it? Also insisted on love? Or also, as always, love forever? Love is not like the love with your Nike shox shoes, is sublimation love.

Some people say that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, and I want to say, the only perfect mellow measure of test the degree of love is time. Love is life, is not it? ? Why do people always say, love you forever my chest pain? Love, people encounter surprisely under the southern sky where even fall north snow. The crossroads of love, the number of prowler, the number of sweet? And how many sad from the lover? However, the time plays what role in the complexity love? When I stumbled, and read the following story I come to understand: the original, only the time know how great the love is.

Previously there were four men lived in a small island, they are called: love, joy, sadness, wealth. They are four best friends, they live with every day. Suddenly, one day the island said: I will sink, all you must go to escape. Last only love stayed in the island among the four partners, she insisted. But the island really sunk. Love alone, floating in the sea. On the verge of death, love came to see wealth rowing past so love called wealth. Wealth said to love: there are only gold and silver jewelry on my board, there is no location for you. Love saw joy and ask for help, joy said: There is only happiness in my life, who are you, I do not remember you. Love see the sadness too, but sadnee kept crying, did not see the existence of love. When despair in love a ship came and saved love from the cold waters. Love very surprised, and asked an old man on board: they are my best friends but unwilling to reach out to save me, why the young man came to save me? The old man is wisdom, smiled and said that because the young man is “insist” — that is, time, only time know how great the love is.

Yes, no one can escape the destiny of love or not love, only this two type. Some people have a week of love and then separated from each other irrelevant. Some people are convinced that the love of their choice and turn back the love down. So I have to say clearly, the more steadfast love, the more persistent love, the longer love, the one will feel the mellow smell of love and perfect realize the true meaning of love. As it’s often said: the white-headed co-old, silver wedding, golden wedding, as long as love and love for a long time, but also in order to prove the perfect long-lasting love and her great.

Thus, making love sublimate in the renewal time.

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