How to Save the Marriage

“He did it not take to be a single creature with the body and soul? being met and that the
she desires? Followers of God “(Malachi 2:15, the Romanian Orthodox Bible).
The joy of a happy marriage blessed with loving children, obedient, easily passing from
childhood to responsible adults, is the dream of most people. This desire, which is almost
every nation and culture, seems to be genetically installed in the minds and our constitution.
Traditionally, marriage was an exclusive link between a man and a woman who included the
most intimate of acts, sexual union.
However, in recent years this pattern is changing. Some choose to have children outside marriage
while others opt for same gender sexual relations. However, it seems that everyone
Family wants joy and blessings.
Even those who deviate from tradition want to be called their relationship “marriage” and unit
their social “family.” homosexual couples, powerless to reproduce, try to
adopt children or make other arrangements as they may have offspring.
It is ironic that social experimenters seeking marriage nomenclature and fruit
traditional but will not follow the traditional recipe? How is it that we, human beings, we
attracted by the terms as marriage and family?
Marriage: will it survive?
Looking at the condition of marriage today is no doubt that the institution is under attack
seriously. In Western nations, including the United States, Canada and Europe, almost half of
first marriages end in divorce. World willingly saying “Yes,” end up becoming
more than by saying “Only I want.”
Based on the failure rates of marriages today, some sociologists have recently predicted that
marriage will become obsolete. But despite the increased chances against a happy relationship, the
life, married couples still hopes to spend their lives together.
Us, then why continue to pursue this ideal? And where God put in the picture? A
He had to do with the institution of marriage and, if so, he left us instructions? When nothing else
will succeed, maybe then we read his instructions!
Of course, the problems encountered in marriage are not confined to men and wives
when children are involved. For then, when they enter into the mixture, and they suffer
consequences of their parents’ relationship – whether it is solid and strong or problems and defects.
Raising children is in crisis
A crisis developed cre?eterea children in part because of the crisis in marriage. Reflecting
consequences of divorce and parents who do not know how to be parents, children arrive at school without doors
knowing how to learn. Schools are now responsible for teaching children the basic principles as
are to be civilized and respectful, which were universally learned from his parents and that such preparation
children learn at school.
Now schools must teach children the basic principles before they can
hopes to educate them. In conjunction with the additional task of preparing children to learn, schools today
are severely criticized by parents demanding that I do a better job of teaching their children.
Psychologist Robert Evans, said that the crisis of the U.S. educational system is one
school (as newspapers often complain, parents and leaders of governments) but a growth crisis
According to Evans, “The symptoms of this crisis – a rapid deterioration of civility, values,
work ethic and academic achievements of many young people – appear most vividly at school, so the crisis is
often seen as educational, but long before school begins and extends far beyond
She… Her immediate causes lie at home with parents suffering from a widespread lack of confidence
and competence “(Family Matters: How School Can Cope With the Crisis in Childrearig [Problems
Family: How can schools cope with the crisis in child rearing], 2004, p. xi).
Where can you find the answers?
So what are the keys to a marriage and family happy and successful? Recognizing the value
a unique marriage gives both individuals and communities, many churches now offer (in some
cases a claim) for pre-nuptial conference before the pair celebrate their marriage. Some pairs
prefer a new type of marriage called “covenant marriage” ["covenant marriage"], – a long relationship
more difficult to finish – in an effort to make their marriages “impossible to divorce” ["divorce-proof"].
Were established many organizations and programs to strengthen marriage and family.
Advisers to specializing in helping couples repair their broken relationships and helping parents
in child rearing. But the results are limited and not very encouraging. Marriages are still
ends in divorce and childcare crisis continues.
What can we offer in this ocean of knowledge, can help you live a marriage in May
good and children happy, respectful and responsible to succeed in school and in life?
The answer is a clear understanding of God’s purpose for marriage and family reasons
Why people experiencing major difficulties in these areas and their practical things that you can
do to strengthen your marriage and family.
Join us to explore the path revealed by God and the steps you can take them to
enjoy the universal dream of a family and happy and successful marriages.
Spiritual implication of marriage
Similar to how a human family reflects God’s plan to have a
family, human marriage reflects a spiritual relationship. Marriage is modeled after human
relationship between Jesus Christ and the Church.
Notice how Paul explains this concept. After discussing the responsibilities of spouses and
wives and their relationship, Paul says: “This mystery is great – (talking about Christ and
Church). However, each of you to love his wife as himself, and the wife must respect her husband ”
(Ephesians 5:32-33).
What beautiful example is the relationship between Christ and the Church! Paul further explains that
Christ loved the church so much that He gave His life for her (verse 25). How can we, those
of us in the Church to ever doubt His love for us? How could we not
respond to the things he asks us to do?
Understanding marriage between a man and a woman as a type of relationship between Christ and
Church is further understood by a vision of Jesus Christ revealed to John at the end
first century. John saw this vision in the last book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation.
After Jesus returns to take over the kingdoms of the earth and establish
Kingdom of God, He reveals that he is engaged in a very special wedding.
Here is how John saw the vision: “Let us rejoice, let us rejoice and give Him glory!
For the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his wife prepared, and was granted to be arrayed in fine linen, bright,
and clean. “- (fine linen is the righteousness of saints.) Then he said,” Write: Blessed are
wedding banquet called to the Lamb “(Revelation 19:7-9).
Saints faithful, who were part of the Church founded by Jesus Christ, will become the Bride
Christ. Their righteous behavior is likened to fine linen, costly.
A happy marriage gives us such a human insight into a higher marriage – one that
really will last forever because both sides will be ghosts. Similarly, and in close contact
family, marriage gives us a window of insight into God’s love and plan for
humanity. Since human marriages are designed after the spiritual relationship, they can us
help to understand this facet of present and future relationship with God.
Now that we have a better understanding of God’s vision of what constitutes
marriage and family, we can examine more nearly the instructions given to him regarding

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