Lang married on selecting the right wedding dress

Lang married on selecting the right wedding dress

From the selection wedding, wedding companies, wedding photography and a series of issues, businesses always play a guiding role in new spending. “Marriage is always faced by the industry ‘no experience’ of the consumer groups,” Mrs Sen Beijing International Culture Square Ball Gown Wedding Dress photography New Chairman Zhang told reporters.

These “no experience” group of consumers to create a sunrise industry. According to Chinese married Industry Survey Center to preliminary statistics, China’s urban residents in 2009 married the direct result of the total spending of more than 6000 billion yuan, and maintain a steady upward trend.

Compared with 2006, in wedding photography, wedding hotel, wedding companies, wedding jewelry, wedding dress, wedding supplies, and other core consumer in 6 big wedding, Ball Gown Wedding Dress consumption increased by 49.44%, second only to the wedding hotel growth.

As exotic, wedding wedding consumption in China has experienced rent, buy custom process. 90′s of last century, many brides believe that wearing a wedding dress only, less demanding on the wedding, usually by way of loan to choose their own dress. Early 20th century, with the change in people’s consumption concept, new people began to buy wedding way to commemorate his life is just one of the ceremony. Until now, the selection method still mainstream position. Beijing Wukesong photographic equipment located in the city of cheap wedding dress shop, the selection of wedding steady stream of young couples. An ordinary white wholesale wedding dress a few hundred dollars, but also change the size of the bargain and free. Can be said that cheap wedding is a lot of attention to cost-effective choice for consumers.

However, the way custom wedding the bride is becoming one of the ways are most popular. More young people eager to creative and interesting life experiences, the pursuit of personal, emotional expression naturalized proprietary system. The industry believes that the future development of personalized wedding. Wedding dress and echoed the feelings of people, to find a true expression of the bride’s wedding dress emotional experience.

Meanwhile, with the Western culture began to affect more people’s lifestyle, more and more girls on the wedding with a hope, in order to choose a unique Ball Gown Wedding Dress and went from studio, bridal salon. In addition to the traditional bridal salon, a variety of customized private wedding studio are emerging to meet this consumer demand.

Vera Wang, is a Hollywood star has attracted away to the brand, opened in Shanghai in 2005, the first wedding of its domestic stores. Her creator, as a Chinese fashion designer Vera Wang, and now by the media as “Wedding Queen.” It is said that when he got married as Vera Wang could not find a fancy wedding, the wedding dress forced to do it yourself. After her wedding as an entry point for entrepreneurs to start a career fashion design, special order high-priced bridal dress. Victorian wedding dress on the choice of a Vera Wang, Carina Lau’s Vera Wang wedding dress is also from the hand. “In your wedding, you are able to erotic touching,” Vera Wang wedding dress that can make the bride at the wedding show the sexy side of the United States.

Beijing studio chief designer Ball Gown Wedding Dress Basha Jia Jia Dongmei, told reporters, custom wedding is worthy collection of art. Girls can be treated with a handicraft approach in dealing with their own wedding dress. “In comparison, the studios pay more attention to the spirit of communication, communication for wedding more vitality,” she explained to reporters.

Custom wedding by many as a luxury thing, not only in price, but also because it melt into the emotional and time investment.

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