How to Prepare for Your Singapore Wedding

Wedding preparations can turn into a real fun when the bride and groom start with them on time. Below you will find a check list for all the important things you need to take care of as well as tips and ideas for making your wedding a memorable party!
Wedding Legal Part
In Singapore there is a civil wedding ceremony followed, in the majority of cases, by a religious wedding. All marriages must be registered as Civil Marriages at the Registry of Marriages ( Religious marriagesSingapore is a country of many religious believes and that is why religious marriages vary a lot.
Chinese marriages
Chinese wedding traditions are very special and glamorous. If you want to have a real Chinese wedding, you may read the article below to learn more of the Chinese wedding customs

Malay wedding
Malaysians who want to get married in Singapore are to prepare for the event according to Muslim traditions. The couple must attend a compulsory marriage preparatory course, then register for the marriage at the ROMM (Registry of Marriage for Muslim) where they will attend an interview with the ROMM official. Please, find details about a Malay wedding at

Hindu wedding
Indian weddings are times for the family and friends to gather and honor the union of the couple. Here you can read about Indian marriages traditions

Christian marriages
Although the church wedding is not mandatory, many brides and grooms chose it because it is an actual fairytale of romance and beauty.

Check list for Weddings:
Cock and Hen Parties
Single life often ends with a bachelor party for the groom and a bachelorette party for the bride. However, it is not always the same, which custom is celebrated before the wedding as there is a wide range of pre-wedding practices and traditions all over the world.
Wedding Decoration
You should definitely pay a lot of attention to the wedding decoration and wedding design of the hall and tables. Prior to this, however, the bride and groom are supposed to look for, select and reserve the right premises, where their dream wedding is to be celebrated. If you decide to marry in a church, the altar should also be beautifully decorated with wedding flowers. Wedding agencies list:
Bridal Bouquet
The bridal bouquet cannot be ignored either. And the bridal car should also be equipped with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. While planning, the bride and groom must remember to carefully put on a guest list and make a table arrangement.
Wedding Invitations
Choosing wedding invitations is often not the easiest decision. No dear friend or family member should be left out of the wedding invitation list. Food, wine and spirits for the celebration will also have to be chosen by the happy couple. There is always a card for food and beverages simplifying the choice of a menu.
At a wedding there are always music and dancing. Booking a well chosen music band will offer a perfect entertainment for all guests. Of course, the bride and groom can select and order their favorite melodies.
Bridal Gown
The bridal gown is maybe the most important feature for every bride-to-be. A girl needs to look her best at her wedding. Luckily, industry offers a great diversity of wedding dresses and accessories that are able to make every future bride happy on her special day. – Wedding gown tips

The groom also needs some fancy clothing: an elegant wedding tuxedo will be perfect for the occasion.


Do not forget that non-resident wedding guests have to be provided with accommodation. So the bride and groom have to make sure to find enough hotel rooms or other accommodation possibilities near the wedding venue for their friends and relatives.

Wedding Budget

If your wedding budget is not enough to have the wedding you really want or if you do not have much time until the wedding, you can always take a quick credit loan from an online moneylender to ensure that your celebration will be a success. Wedding loans by Money3

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