Wedding Dress Queen–Vera Wang

Vera Wang was born in 1949 in Manhattan, New York. She is a famous Chinese designer, wedding queen, is not an exaggeration. Hollywood actress, people do not know Vera Wang. Avenue of Stars on Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, readily catch a star, may be wearing Vera Wang

Vera childhood desire to become a great figure skater, figure skating champion won several young teenagers.
In the work of the YSL boutique in Madison Avenue, New York, understanding of VOGUE magazine editor and enter VOGUE work in the near future. She worked in this very attractive garden for 16 years, from the writer to the youngest senior editor, and then took over the U.S. version, VOGUE, can not be separated from her outstanding strength and spirit of hard work.

Now, the world Every year, about 10,000 brides to buy Vera wedding, Vera Wang to accept orders around the world. Because all Chinese customers ordering the wedding will be processed in the United States Plant, so each one wedding needs six months in advance to order, price starts at $ 30,000.

Baker, known for years of golf suppliers, in 1988, married, their wedding, and invited more than 400 persons from the film and television, media and fashion industry. It can be annoying, she searched the major bridal salon, but I still can not pick one so that their satisfaction with the wedding. She angrily decided to personally design, I did not expect the guests to praise the wedding dress she designed. Vera Wang Thus began the road of her high fashion.

She wedding dress is simple, smooth, without any superfluous and exaggerated embellishment. Many people hope that your own wedding dresses like a multi-layered wedding cake, but she did not do so, tower skirt is not bad, but somewhat old-fashioned. Melt the frosting, to cemented embroidery is not better? Folds, lace wedding elements are still being applied to the wedding dress, but this is not designed to be for the characteristics of the fabric, smooth skirt, and three-dimensional The cut is her concern.

Of course, expensive wedding dress, I designed specially for your wedding, the minimum spend is $ 25,000, the cost of a wedding can buy a luxury car. Therefore many girls cry: “Let me money a little, dressed in a wedding!”

Today, Vera Wang has established a huge empire of fashion, its merchandise in addition to dresses and tuxedos, including perfume, jewelry, glassware, china, shoes and glasses.

Bridal queen Vera Wang Vera Wang wedding community pride of the Chinese (5)

(more exciting: “Bride” magazine)

1999, married David and Victoria Beckham, on the choice of a Vera Wang wedding dress can be seen the influence of the wedding dress, in their opinion, she like never missed, and never let themselves get “the worst Costume Award “quality assurance.

1998, just popular Sharon Stone at the Oscars, she chose a lavender dress designed by Vera Wang, Her clothes for the first time the actress to wear on stage.

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