7e-fashion teach you dress Korean fashion clothes

7e-fashion teach you dress Korean fashion clothes

Occasions Conception

The occasion of dressing most can reflects a person’s Korean fashion clothing taste, don’t need that all of your clothes bought from store are suitable to wear during go to taproom in evening.If it is so, I’m afraid you don’t need to go interview tomorrow. If at the company’s thanks banquet, you still wearing the vest with animal pattern bought from characteristics store, then your career fortune may be bad to do not measure what constellation. The best way is to let your clothing can be broadly divided into several kinds, so while facing various of occasions, it is easy to activity that you is the most brilliant!

Color taboo

This principle is simple, but is actually very practical, you want to become in the people heart the beautiful peacock, also does not need several dozens kind of colors to put in the body! If you have ability that you who dress designing master grasps the color to show off, if below on honest has not controlled on body’s color type, generally speaking are most cannot surpass three to four kind of colors, the most conservative method makes two kind of colors, in certain matches the color high and low free time which plays the part, lets them not be the same with japanese fashion clothing’s between color, but is actually the identical color is or the color changes in temperature is close, like this, the color will appear rich is not monotonous, overall will dress up the feeling to be very also stratified; If you are very fat, but also likes the red color specially, the editor urges you to give up reluctantly, the inflation red has not contracted absolutely feeling

The design

clothing design’s choice is the matter which truly makes many people most have a headache, generally speaking reduces and version’s quality, so long as puts on the body accepts the feeling to be possible to be able to feel, the choice design’s basic principle is this model of clothing can cover in your stature the deficiency, but can also appear yours stature superiority comes out, if your is diminutive, actually must put on a waist line to be very low, the horizontal stripe windproof coat, that somewhat maltreated own has been vivid, was inferior that chose a short coat, the tinted trousers, wore one to be possible the Yao flower human eye necklace, othersThe vision attracts to own waist above, you might have the confidence appearance very much in front of the people!

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