No Eurozone Cryptocurrency Says Bundesbank Board Member

Carl-Ludwig Thiele, a board member for Bundesbank, one of the largest banks in Europe, has confirmed that the euro zone is not considering a digital currency.He said:“Digital central bank money analogous to cash is currently not in sight.

After Losing 40% Of Value, Bitcoin Bounces Above $14,000

After hitting levels above $20,000 per coin just last week, Bitcoin saw a massive sell-off as fears of a bubble began to loom large.The price reached an all time high of $20,078 on December 17, but saw an approximate 40% drop in just three days, once dipping to as low as $11,833 on December 22.

Rehoming dogs is still main challenge, Latest Singapore News

Although regulations and attitudes have shifted to be more welcoming towards stray dog adoption, the rehoming of stray dogs is still a challenge for many animal welfare groups (AWGs) in Singapore.President of Action for Singapore Dogs Ricky Yeo said: "Only about 30 per cent to 40 per cent of the dogs that come through us every year get adopted.

Man molested woman minutes after dropping wife and son off, Latest Singapore News

Just minutes after dropping off his wife and son, a self-employed man went to park his car and then molested a 34-year-old woman while on the way to join his family for lunch.Gary Tan Kum Weng, 49, was fined $4,000 yesterday after admitting that he had outraged the woman's modesty in Plaza Singapura shopping centre at around 1pm on Dec 10 last year.

Nine foreigners among Melbourne car attack injured, Latest World News

Three people remained critically injured in hospital after the Australian-Afghan driver ploughed through a busy downtown intersection in his car on Thursday in what authorities said was a "deliberate act".Mr Turnbull said: "He has said, in a number of what the police are describing as utterings, that he attributed his actions to perceived mistreatment of Muslims.

5 Largest Libraries In The World

Russian State Library

The Russian State Library is the fifth largest library in the world, and one where at least one copy of every Russian publication is stored.The amalgamation of small and large libraries including libraries of book lovers and wealthy millionaires of New York resulted in the creation of this large network of libraries which are currently funded by both government and private institutions.

In defence of the fangirls, Latest Singapore News

On Dec 18, K-pop boy band Shinee's lead singer Jonghyun took his own life, leaving behind a suicide note.When news of the memorial broke, I was impressed by the efficiency of the organisers and fans, who came prepared with notes, flowers and light sticks.

The Most Visited Cities In The US

In 2016, 25 million tourists visited San Francisco.1 million visitors

The second most populated city in the United States is also the second most visited, with 54.

Countries With The Largest Aging Population In The World

3% of the island nation's population is 65 years of age or older.With lesser numbers of individuals entering the population and people living much longer lives, people above the age of 65 now make up an increasing share of the world’s total population.

Air Stewardess Caught on Camera Eating Passenger's Leftovers, Gets Suspended

While this may seem like an ordinary setting on any other day, what’s ‘weird’ with this case is that the meal was reportedly leftovers from a passenger!According to Channel News Asia, the air stewardess has since been suspended after Urumqi Air confirmed on Thursday (7 December) that the lady was their staff and that she “did not follow the standard procedures when handling leftover food”.