Visit Greece | May 2014

Summer is on the way!

May is known as the last month of spring. In Greece though, it is considered the ‘unofficial’ first summer month, as the temperature rises noticeably brightening our mood. The braver among you have already paid a visit to the beach, the first open air cinemas welcome their first viewers, the summer concert line-ups have already been announced as is the case with festivals throughout the country. The signs are all before us!! Summer is here!

It is time to savour again those legendary Greek summer times, to colour up our lives and leave daily worries behind, to bask in the sweet sunlight, relax by the seashore, get a suntan, enjoy an adventure outdoors like the ones we used to have when we were children or older.

  • Swim with us in the 61 beaches of the Mt Athos peninsula
  • tour the green picturesque Spetses, the Island of Spices; 
  • savour the sweet temptations of Greek gastronomy; 
  • learn about the 410 beaches and 10 marinas that received the Blue Flag eco-label award for 2014; and 
  • have a great time during the hottest of summer concerts in recent years, where big names of the international pop and rock music scene will appear.

So, here are some "Postcards of Blue", so full of sunlight and the deep blue hues of the Greek seas, to get you in the mood for the finest season of the year!

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Visit Greece | May 2014