Visit Greece | March 2013

Affordable flying to all time classic sensations!

Gorgeous Greece is an attraction and a favourite for millions of tourists from the world over. The valuable experience of visiting Greece has now become more affordable than ever. Famous airliners keep on spreading their wings heading to wonderful destination throughout the country. Unforgettable holidays around Thessaloniki, Chania, Volos and Kalamata are now easy to take and sure to relish.

Pack your bags and off you go to:

• Thessaloniki, the gastronomic paradise of Northern Greece, where your taste buds will meet the deliciousness of the local dishes.

• Pelion, the mythical mountain of the Centaurs, where hiking will bring you close to the amazement of Greek nature.

• Chania, the beautiful city of famous Crete, where beachscapes are literally exotic.

• Kalamata, the conspicuous city of Peloponnese, where you will travel back to the times of medieval castles at Methoni and Koroni.

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Visit Greece | March 2013