Visit Greece | August 2012

True Vacations in Greece

August sees summer in Greece reaching its peak. It is the month of religious festivities and romantic spirits, as it is embellished by two full moons, the second of which is supposed to be the most spectacular one throughout the year.
Make the best of the August days starting off with a rich Greek breakfast. Round off your Greek experience with delicious tastes, exquisite local products and small but precious gastronomic treasures.

Discover Tinos, the Cycladic island that happens to be one of the top places of religious importance in Greece. Swim at its lovely beaches; wander through its capital and its dozens of scenic traditional villages, sparse all around the island; share the special atmosphere of the religious festivities for Virgin Mary.

But it’s not just Tinos where Greeks and friends celebrate “the Easter of August”, i.e. the Assumption. Throughout the country, pilgrims, devout Christians and travellers celebrate the big day singing traditional songs and dancing to folklore rhythms. “Meze” and wine lift the spirits and get the feasts started.

But the summer in Greece never ends. Come and see for yourself by clicking here and taking part in our contest for true free vacations!

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Visit Greece | August 2012