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Fly-Drive USA

Few holidays can match the flexibility and fun of a well planned fly-drive holiday in the USA.

Hollywood has used America’s great scenery as backdrops so often you can feel like you’ve driven into the silver screen sometimes.

Throw in the jaw dropping scenery the chance to get off the beaten track and see the everyday parts of the USA and the wide open roads, and you have an unbeatable combination.

Petrol is so cheap it will make you weep when you come home and lastly fly-drives make flying cheaper!

Strange but true we can assure you. Trailfinders are one of the few travel companies who can offer you car hire in conjunction with ‘Inclusive Tour’ airfares that can be substantially cheaper than if you booked the flight alone. The freedom of the road and more money in your pocket – it’s a win win situation.

We’ve been planning fly-drive holidays for over 30 years and have put together over 40 classic self drive holidays in the USA taking in the must see highlights with easy driving days and just the right amount of time to enjoy each stop.

We’ve selected the best value hotels in each place and included them in each itinerary but also given you plenty of options to choose from if you’d like to stay somewhere different.

Tailormade Fly-Drive Holidays in the USA

Remember we can personalise each fly-drive holiday to suit your exact wishes. Ask your Trailfinders consultant about:

· Upgrading your hotel

· Extending your stay at any destination

· Altering the route

· Upgrading to a larger car

· Including some local tours along the way

Maybe you’d prefer to create your own fly-drive itinerary but are not sure where to start. We know that there are many things to worry about when planning a fly-drive holiday:

· What itinerary will ensure the easiest driving days?

· What size car is right for my group?

· Where should I stay in the national parks or the big cities?

· Where are the best scenic drives, wildlife, beaches or nightlife?

· When the best time of year to go?

Answering all of these questions is what our well travelled expert consultants are trained to get right and ensure that your self drive becomes a memorable holiday at the best possible value. So whether you are looking for a week’s fly-drive holiday in Florida with a car and villa or want to plan the ultimate road trip, put your self drive plans in the hands of Trailfinders, the travel experts.